SuperPass Use Terms

 Article 1 (Purpose)

This terms of use (hereinafter “The Terms”) aims to define the right, duty and other provisions to use SuperPass (hereinafter “The Service”) between Infovine Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “The Company”), the provider of The Service and the users of The Service (hereinafter “The Users”).

 Article 2 (Effectiveness and Revision of The Terms)

① The Terms becomes effective by being posted on the screen and the website of The Service.

② The Company may revise contents of The Terms within the range not violating any applicable laws and regulation and shall announce any revision according to the methods specified by Provision 1. However, for any critical matter regarding the right and duty of The Users, the announcement should be performed on 7 business days before the enforcement date of the revision.

③ Any user may request for withdrawal if he/she doesn’t agree on a revised terms. However, if a user fails to express any rejection within 7 days from the date when he/she acknowledges a revision, the member is considered as agreeing on the revision of The Term.

④ The Company shall not be responsible for any loss and/or damage occurred to any user due to his/her failure to acknowledge on the revision of The Terms.

 Article 3 (Legal Compliance)

For any matter not specified in The Terms, Telecommunication Basic Act, Telecommunication Business Act, laws and related regulations regarding the consumer protection in electronic trading as well as the regulations of detain use guide of The Service are applied.

 Article 4 (Vocabulary Definition)

The vocabularies used in The Terms are defined as followings:

SuperPass refers the convenient mobile login service that separates and saves the ide and the password used for the user identification and the authentication on using the service and, then. processes the login approval procedure by receiving the login request with the app using the cable or wireless internet with no additional device other than the smartphone.

② Mobile Terminal Device refers the smartphone that can use wireless internet networks including 3G/4G/5G and Wibro/Wifi.

③ The User(s) is (are) the person(s) who has (have) installed the service app in his/her (their) Mobile Terminal Device and processed the identity/ownership authentication, and entered the use agreement of The Service with The Company.

④ The Service Program refers the PC and smartphone programs required to use The Service to process The Service signup and id/password saving and backup.

SuperPass Password (hereinafter The Password) refers the secret code is configured by The Users to prevent any illegal use of The Service app and is used by being entered on starting The Service app.

⑥ The User Information refers the general information including the mobile phone number and the email address of The User and the personal use information.

 Article 5 (Establishment of Use Agreement)

① When a user presses Agree button at the terms of using The Service presented through The Service app and enters the user information required for login, the user is considered as have agreed on The Terms.

② The use agreement is established by the approval of The Company on a user’s request to use The Service including the agreement on The Term.

 Article 6 (The Service Signup Request and Cancellation)

① Any person desires to signup The Service shall enter his/her agreement following the signup procedure set by The Company and request to signup The Service.

② The Company may not approve the use request corresponding any of the following cases or may postpone the approval until the relevant cause is resolved.

1. 5 errors on entering the password.

2. The OS specifications recommended to use The Service are not met.

3. When attempting in an environment where other services cannot be provided.

③ Deleting a Superpass account has to be done by the user. An application for deletion must be made using the account deletion function provided within APP.

④ When the user deletes the account, all the personal information of the member will be immediately removed. Provided, the company may keep personal records as stipulated in the related legal and personal information protection policies.

⑤ The existing information cannot be recovered after an account is deleted.

⑥ Even after deleting the account, the subscription payment will not be cancelled.

⑦ If the subscription payment is cancelled within a period defined by the policy of the fee-based Appmarket, a request can be made for a refund. After paying for the fee-based service, refunds may not be available if the refundable period has elapsed as stipulated in Appmarket policy

 Article 7 (Start use of The Service)

① The Company shall start immediately after a user’s signup.

② If The Company fails to initiate the provision of The Service due to any operational or technical difficulty, The Company shall announce such failure on the site or directly to The Users.

③ The Company shall provide the exclusive app for each mobile terminal device type and The User may use The Service by downloading and installing the exclusive app in own terminal devices within the range provided by The Company. However, the structure and functionality of app may vary depending on the type of terminal device to the subscribed phone company.

 Article 8 (Use Hours of The Service)

① The Service use shall be provided yearly non-stop for 24 hours a day in principle as long as no operational or technical issue.

 Article 9 (The Service Change and Stop)

① The Company may change and provide The Service. In this case, The Company shall notify The users regarding the revision and the date of provision of The Service according to the method defined by Provision1, Article 15.

② In any of following cases, The Company can restrict or stop The Service entirely or partially.

Unavoidable situation due to a repair or installation of facility for The Service

Any user interrupts The Company’s operation of The Service.

Any failure of power or overall facility or sudden hike of use amount that interferes the normal use of The Service.

The Service failed for being operational due to any special cause such as the revision or stop.

The Company’s periodical inspection

Natural disaster, national emergency situation or other causes by Force Majeure

③ If The Service stops due to any of above causes, The Company shall notify The Users in advance according to the method specified in Provision 1, Article 15. However, If the advanced notification is impossible for The Service stop due to any uncontrollable cause by The Company (Disk Failure, System Down or others not by any intention of The Company or any operator), the advanced notification is not mandatory.

 Article 10 (Error Correction)

① Any user who finds any error in using The Service may demand the relevant correction to The Company.

② The Company, in case of receiving any demand of correction on the error following the above provision, shall immediately investigate and process for such error, and then, within 2 weeks after the date of such demand, shall notify the corresponding user via a document, phone call or email communication. However, if the user requests the notification in the printed form, the notification should be made in the printed form.

③ The Company, in case of recognition of any error in The Service, shall immediately investigate and process for such error, and then, within 2 weeks after the date of such recognition, shall notify The Users via a document, phone call or email communication. However, if any user requests the notification in the printed form, the notification to the user should be made in the printed form.

 Article 11 (The Service Use and Restriction)

① The Company should have The Service available at any time The Users desire unless any special circumstance stands. In principle, The Service shall be used yearly nonstop for 24 hours a day.   

② Despite of the use hour in Provision 1, in any unavoidable cause such as communication failure, development of a service, periodical inspection or others, The Company may limit or stop for a certain period of time.

③ In case of Provision 2, The Company shall define the reason, date and time period and notify The Users in advance as the methods specified in Provision 1, Article 15 including the posting on the website and the phone text transmission. However, if The Company needs to limit the use in emergency, the notification can be made following the action.

 Article 12 (The Service Use Charge)

① The Company may provide The Service as paid or free.

② The Paid Service is classified as Monthly Charged Plan/Yearly Charged Plan and operated according to the policy of The Company.

③ The Paid Service shall be provided through the program and Monthly Charged Plan shall be provided by the monthly automatic payment according to the agreement of each user.

1. Monthly Automatic Payment refers the payment made automatically monthly after the period of The Service is completed if no cancellation has been requested.

④ The fee-based service can be used after making the payment. Appmarket payment terms and conditions will apply when cancelling the subscription payment.

⑤ The user shall be responsible for any result of his/her negligence on any means used for the payment.

⑥ The Company may change the overall fee related to the use of The Paid Service. Any change on the fee should be specifically announced in advance and shall be effective on the date of announcement.

⑦ In the service payment information box, financial information regarding the payment of the relevant service is required. Therefore, stealing or voluntarily relinquishing another person's financial information can result in limitations on use of the service and the person involve can be legally accountable.

⑧ Members who pay monthly via automatic withdrawal continue to make monthly automatic payments during the time of use of the product (from initial automatic payment until the time when the user expresses a desire to cancel) regardless of the actual time of use. If you no longer want to be charge, you will have to choose the cancel payment option in Appmarket.

⑨ If any payment for the specified charge is failed, the use of the corresponding service is stopped.

⑩ If The Service is failed to a user by any issue from the user's external environment (firewall or other cause), The Company shall be completely free from any responsibility to the irregular failure of The Service.

 Article 13 (The Company’s Duty)

① The Company shall make The Service available for any user immediately after his/her signup for The Service unless any special circumstance stands.

② The Company shall have the duty to provide The Service continuously and stably as determined by The Terms unless any special circumstance such as the system inspection or development for The Service, the communication failure and/or any failure by Force Majeure stands.

③ The Company shall collect the minimum information of user required to provide The Service and shall not leak to provide the personal information provided by a user without the consent of the user. However, such provision shall not apply in case of any provision approved by laws related to the telecommunication.

④ The Company shall limit the number of administrators (managers) in minimum for the private information protection of The Users. The Company shall be completely responsible to compensate for any damage of any user caused by any loss, theft, leak, modification or others of any user’s personal information occurred from any intention or mistake of The Company.

⑤ The Company should immediately handle any complain regarding The Service received from any user. If such handling is difficult to be performed immediately, the cause of and the schedule to handle such difficulty shall be notified through the mobile text message/e-mail to the user.

⑥ The Company shall comply with any laws applicable to the operation and maintenance of The Service including Telecommunications Business Act, Communication Secret Protection Act and Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection.

 Article 14 (The User’s Duty)

① The User shall not conduct any of following actions:

- Provision of any false information and/or Illegal use of other user’s mobile phone information on the request of use of The Service

- Password leak by intention or mistake

- Any duplication, distribution and/or commercial use of the information of The Company acquired during using The Service without any consent of The Company

- Any infringement of intellectual property right or other rights of The Company

- Any registration, spread or connection (link) of computer virus infectious data that may cause the malfunction of related facilities, the destruction of information and/or the chaos of operation for The Service.

- Any intentional interference on the operation of The Service or distribution of the information that may interfere the stable operation of The Service.

- Other Illegal or unfair activities.

② If the user loses the mobile device, the user must enter the service homepage and cancel the use of service. After that is completed, the company will be held responsible for any damages incurred due to fraudulent use. Provided, if the company was not notified of the lost device, the company will not be held accountable for any damages incurred by the user.

③ The User shall comply with any related laws, provisions of The Terms, the use guide, the warnings announced on The Service and other notification by The Company and shall not conduct any action interfering the operation of The Company.

 Article 15 (Notification to The Users)

① In case of notification to The Users, The Company may perform such action by posting in the website or the screen of The Service app or transmitting through the mobile text message/e-mail.

② The Company may replace the notification to each user with the posting in the website or The Service app in case of notification to unspecified users of The Service.

 Article 16 (Personal Information Protection of The Users)

The Company makes efforts to protect the personal information and the payment information of The Users according to related laws. Any matter regarding the personal information protection of The Users shall be complied with the related laws and ‘Policy to Handle the Personal Information’ defined by The Company.

 Article 17 (Agreement Cancellation and Use Restriction)

① The Company may cancel the use agreement or stop the provision of The Service immediately without any advanced notification for any user who fails to perform The User’s Duty defined in Article 14.

② The Company may restrict the use of The Service according to the qualification of use even after the user has entered the use agreement and confirmed for the mobile phone number and the personal identification and has agreed on The Terms.

③ Regarding the measure of The Company specified in Provision 3 of the article, The User may express his/her objection through the website of The Service or the customer center.

④ If The Company recognizes such objection of the previous provision is rightful, The Company shall reinitiate the use of The Service.

 Article 18 (Prohibition of Transfer)

The Users are prohibited to transfer or donate their right of use or contractual position to use The Service to any other person.

 Article 19 (Damage Compensation and Immunity)

① When The Company and any of The Users causes any damage to the other party, the party responsible for the damage should compensate to the damaged party. The damage compensation should be claimed in a written form stating the cause, the amount and the calculation base.

② The Company shall not be responsible for any damage caused to The User by any failure or error in the system of the mobile service provider.

③ If any damage occurs to The User by his/her negligence including the rental of own smartphone, the leak of password and/or others to any other person, The Company shall not be responsible for such damage.

④ In case of any damage to the user caused by any operational delay or incapability due to Force Majeure such as any failure of the communication cable and/or device, the computing system of The Company or others, The Company shall not be responsible for such damage.

 Article 20 (Competent Court)

① In case of any dispute regarding the use of The Service between The Company and The User, The Company and The User shall sincerely discuss to resolve such dispute.

② If such dispute is not resolved despite the discussion mentioned in the previous provision, any of the parties may file a suit to a court. For any dispute regarding The Service, the court having the jurisdiction of the location The Company’s main office shall be nominated as the competent court.

 Article 21 (Miscellaneous Matter)

Any matter not specified in The Terms or the interpretation of The Terms shall be complied with related laws or commercial practices.

Addendum -

① These terms and conditions go into effect as of June 28th, 2018.